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MD300-C21C Finger Pulse Oximeter



Clear, bright colour OLED display
Display can be viewed in 4 rotations
Adjustable brightness: 10 levels
Pleth waveform, displayed in 2 formats
Signal strength indicator
Easy to use; 1-button operation
Automatic power-off when finger removed.
Suitable for paediatric and adult patients

The MD300-C21C is ultra-compact in size, has low power consumption and can be used in a variety of applications, from use in hospitals, paramedic ambulances, clinics and dental surgeries, through to spot-checking before, during and after exercise.

Clinical trials carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 9919:2005 standards.


Part Number2810037
Patient RangeAdult & Paediatric

Type: OLED
Parameters: SpO2 (%) and Pulse rate (bpm)
Information: LCD signals when low power

SpO270 - 100%
Pulse rate30 - 250 bpm

MD300-C21C Leaflet

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